How to choose YOUR badminton racket?

Hi Badistes, Today I woimages-(3)uld like to answer to a question that a lot of badminton players asked me! Well, after playing badminton for many years and reading badminton rackets feedbacks, I just tell you some things you need to know before to buying a badminton racket.

  • About the Brands

As you probably know, there are many badminton brands like Yonex, Badminton, LiNing,… Among all the brands, Yonex is the most well established brand among international badminton communities. LEE Chong Wei plays with a Yonex racket for example. Yonex badminton rackets are generally more expensive than others. Other brands are almost as good as Yonex but with lower price.

  • About the Weight

The power of badminton rackets does not solely depend on the weight. It is not heavier the rackets are, more power they could generate. So if you have a Racket head speed  with a Racket head weight, you will have the “best” power to hit the shuttle!

There are three kinds of badminton rackets, head-light, even-balanced and head-heavy. Generally head-heavy rackets are more powerful than head-light racket. Most players would use head-heavy rackets for singles, and head-light or even-balance rackets for doubles.

  • About the Strings

With my experience I can say that professionals badminton players use, most of the time, string tensions stronger than 26lbs. Indeed hight strings tends allow them to have better control of the shuttle and more power when they hit it! But I think that amateur badminton players should be have tensions about 23-24lbs.


To find YOUR racket is really individual. You need to feel it!


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