Solibad, Badminton without borders!

Hi badistes, today, I would like to show you iSyB-WwDwhat is SOLIBAD! It is a association which allow to young poor children to have the possibilty to play badminton with old racket that some people gave them! And YOU too could give them your old racket if you will not use it anymore! It is like a second life for your racket and it will make happy a child who will play badminton! Giving is receiving according to Solibad! Just make a smile in this world which is everydays in war! Hope you understand what I want to say with these few sentences. Badminton is not only a sport, it is a community of a lot of badminton players all around the world!

Click Here to know more about SOLIBAD:

How to choose YOUR badminton racket?


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