Top 10 Richest Badminton Players


1 : Lee Chong Wei : Malaysia : $75 Million

Lee Chong Wei is one of the greatest badminton players of all time , he become the highest paid Asian athlete in 2012 , 2008 after Summer Olympics . He earned huge revenue from endorsement deals and he become Malaysia most marketable athlete in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

2 : Lin Dan : China : $32.5 Million
Lin Dan is one of the professional badminton stars from China . He won the Olympic gold medal in singles competition in 2012 and 2008 and become five time world champion in Badminton.


3 : Chen Long : China : $22 Million
Chen Long is improved badminton player of China , he won 26 major badminton titles . Year 2011 is one of the most successful in his career he won the (Thailand Open , China Masters , Japan Open , and Denmark Open).

4 : Peter Gade : Denmark : $20 Million
Peter Gade , is retired from Badminton , the 39 years old has made couple big records in the history of the sports . He is a five time european badminton champion. In 2011 , he finished for the Bronze medal place in London World Championship.

5 : Saina Nehwal : India : $17.5 Million
Saina Nehwal is the most dominated star of India in Badminton or you may called her the icon star . She is currently highest paid women badminton player and 2nd most richest Indian female athlete after Sania Mirza. Nehwal won bronze medal for India in London Games 2012.

6 : Taufik Hidayat : Indonesia : $7.5 Million
Taufik Hidayat is retire from Badminton , but he is one of the top professional badminton players from (Indonesia) , he won gold medal in 2004 Athens games for Indonesia . He is the world champion of badminton after winning the (2005 Anaheim world championship).

7 : Jan Ø. Jørgensen : Denmark : $5.5 Million
Jan Ø. Jørgensen is a Denmark professional badminton player , he is most improved athlete last year . Jørgensen become the European badminton champion in 2014.


8 : Wang Yihan : China : $4.08 Million
Wang Yihan , has won the sliver-medal in London Games 2012 , while she become the world champion in 2011 after winning (2011 BWF World Championships) . In 2006 , she shocked couple of big badminton stars after winning the 2006 World Cup in singles competition.

9 : Kento MOMOTA : Japan : $3 Million
Kento MOMOTA is a Japanese badminton player , in 2014 he won the (2014 Thomas Cup in New Delhi) as team . At BWF World Championships in 2015 , he won the Bronze medal and finished 3rd place in the competition.


10 : Carolina MARIN : Spain: $2.5 Million
Carolina MARIN is from Spain , she has been currently world number one female badminton player and hopeful to get good results in 2016 . In a short period of time she won major titles in Badminton. She is now two two time world champion In 2015 (BWF World Championships) and in 2014 , In Denmark at Copenhagen .



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