TOP 5 shots you must master

Badminton Shots #1 – The Badminton Servebadminton shots

Know your different types of Badminton shots?  Possibly one of the most important Badminton shots is the serve as it not only starts the game. But as you play against more competitive opponents it will become a key shot/stroke you will need to improve.  Improving your serve skills will change your game for the better, so let look at the serve.


So there are basically two different types of Badminton serves, however before we go into those it should noted that you have to serve under hand in badminton; over head serves are not permitted.

Serve Type 1: High Deep Serve 

badminton shotsTake a full under hand swing with the aim to the shuttlecock high in the air and to put your opponent to the back line.


Serve Type 2: Shorthand Serve

Place you racquet into your stomach area as you will be playing this as a backhand shot, and flick the shuttlecock over the net with the aim of landing as close to the first line, on or over.

Badminton Shots #2 – Clear Shot                     

Badminton Overhead Clear Shot

Here you will move to the back of the court and hit an Overhead shot. The aim here is to put the shuttlecock to the back or corner of the of your opponents half of the court. The higher the shuttlecock the more defensive the shot, thus allowing you more time to recover your position. The flatter the shot the more offensive the shot giving you more chance of putting your opponent out of position.

Badminton Shots – Underhand Clear Shot

Here you will move close to the net to make the underhand clear shot. Sweep your arm up the net to flick the shuttlecock over the net and then move back to the middle of the court to prepare for your next shot.


Badminton Shots #3 – Drop Shot

Badminton Underhand Drop Shot

So here you will move into the net with your arm shoulder high and lightly flick the racquet with aim of the shuttle just dropping over the net. Following the shot return to the middle of the court ready for the next shot.


Badminton Overhand Drop Shot

Move to the back of the court and lift the arm to hit with overhand shot, but here we only to make the shuttlecock drop just over the net.  Don’t follow through the shot with full power. The shuttlecock needs to drop short, with a little practice this will become an important shot in your shot arsenal. As with all shots move back into position to prepare for the next shot.

Badminton Shots #4 – Smash Shot

This is the shot commonly used to win the point. You will normally be somewhere in the middle of the court to perform the Smash shot. You need to bring your racquet over your head but unlike other shot you will continue in a downwards motion at speed with the aim of making the shuttlecock hit the floor on the other side of the net.

Badminton Shots #5 – Drive Shot

Drive shots are fast shots aimed to hit low over the net, making your opponent to move quickly.  This shot can be done on both forehand and backhand, with drive shots you don’t really need to move your feet.

There are a variety of basic badminton shots all can be played either forehand or backhand.

So that’s Badminton shots explained I hope this helps by giving you a basic understanding of what shots you will be using during the course of a game.  Try practicing these shots before the start of each match / game and you will soon start to see improvements.  You now known the basic Badminton shots and serves to get you started playing.

If you require more information on the sport of Badminton head over to Badminton England or the BWF. and don’t forget the good old BBC website

Enjoy your game of Badminton and check back soon as I will be adding lots more Badminton related posts!

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