Badminton Skills For Beginners

badminton skills

So you have decided to take up the sport, maybe to get fit or stay fit or you have dugg out your old Badminton racket.  Either way you want to play so it’s time to hone those skills needed for a game.  How good are your Badminton skills and techniques?

In this beginners tutorial/guide we will look at all the basics the beginner requires to get playing and enjoying this great sport.

So what are the fundamental skills of you need?

Badminton requires you to be able to move around the court quickly so agility is key, but don’t worry if you are not the most agile because playing regularly will help you to improve in this area.  In fact Badminton along with other sports such as Squash and Tennis are ideal sports to improve not only agility but your handeye coordination whilst improving fitness.

What more do you want from a sport/game?  Enjoyment?  Well Badminton in my opinion scores very highly on the enjoyment scale, because unlike Tennis (Which I Like) is way more accessible and easier to pick up and enjoy right from your first game or lesson. 

Let’s look at some of the skills and techniques you will need to master…

Badminton Skills Required #1 How To Improve Footwork

As I mentioned this is a sport that requires a lot of agility so this is the first thing to address.  So moving around the court sounds easy but moving correctly means not only will you be able to reach and make more shots but you will also be less likely to injury yourself, a win win situation.  How to improve footwork?  Well you will need to pratice these footwork drills which you can see in my article on Footwork by Clicking Here . Don’t worry there are videos from the web to demonstrate how you should be moving and how having the right footwork will allow you to better anticipate your opponents next shot / move.  Get your footwork right and your enjoyment playing the game will dramatically improve along with your skills and all-round competitiveness.


Badminton Skills Required #2 The Correct Grip Technique

Sounds very simple you just hold it and swing right?  Wrong some people hold the racket too tightly which not only reduces your dexterity which will definitely impact you game, but it can sometimes cause the skin to blister.  So if you want to improve your Badminton skills and techniques you will need to grip your racket correctly.

I could go on about how to do this and I do in this article Click Here.  Here you will find videos that show you exactly how you should hold your racket.  Whether it’s your backhand grip or your forehand grip in you are going to need to know the correct Badminton grip technique.


Badminton Skills Required #3 Shots

Now it’s time to start to practice all the different shots that you will need to start and enjoy playing this great sport.  So here are the main shots you need to work on getting right:

badminton skills












Types of shots

  • The Serve

  • The Clear Shot

  • The Drop Shot

  • The Smash Shot

  • The Backhand Shot

And don’t worry I have an article on how to master these shots Click Here . Here we will sow you how to improve your Badminton skills and techniques.

Mastering these basic skills and techniques will increase your enjoyment whilst improving your competitiveness. As I said earlier and at the same time your fitness will improve.  From there who knows you might be another Lin Dan or Saina Nehwal!!!  I will keep adding more tips for beginners to help you improve your game and skill level.


If you require more information on the sport of  you can head over to BE or the BWF.  Don’t forget the good old BBC website and The Huffington Post

Need some inspiration? Check these guys out!

Lets take a look at a couple of the current top and famous players. First up is the current mens number 1 Lin Dan (China) showing off his many talents and skills.

Now let’s take a look a one of the top players from the womens game – Saina Nehwal (India)


I think you will agree these two players show just what a great sport this is.  You don’t have to be as good as these players to enjoy a game down at your local club, school or even in the back garden.

Is it not time for you to improve your Badminton skills and techniques?

So why not get fit and enjoy sport by taking up the sport?  Improve your skills and your waistline.  I’ll also put together an advanced techniques article for those of you who already know the basics and are looking to take it to the next level.

And remember Play sports, enjoy sports!

If you require help with other areas of your skills / techniques , be it with your footwork click here.  If you just want a general tutorial on the main areas to improve, see my article Badminton Techniques For The Beginner

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site which is currently being expanded to cover even more aspects of our great sport.

Again here are some more of the national governing bodies website links. They include further information in your country and how you can get involved in your local area.  Check these links out BBC websiteBWF or Click Here & Click Here



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